The Attack of the Shrub: Seeing nature in 3D for the first time!

Disclaimer: This happened many months ago, but I finally made the animation for it!

Last Saturday morning, right after I had just finished playing Vivid Vision’s virtual reality vision therapy game, Dr. Nate said to me, “Let’s go outside.”

I did not think twice about it and responded, “Okay.”

We went outside, and he told me to walk down the sidewalk.

I said, “Okay,” and turned to start my stroll.

After my first step, I flinched.

An artist rendition of actual events
An artistic rendition of actual events

Up ahead, a shrub looked like it was jumping onto the sidewalk to attack me as I walked towards it. Then I remembered shrubs don’t attack people and those are branches, not arms reaching out to grab me. My heart slowed as I noticed all of the little intricacies in the leaves and branches. The entire shrub stood tall atop the ground it was planted in. That little panic attack turned out to be the highlight of the day!

All in all, I guarantee that you will be surprised—maybe even a little scared—when you see 3D for the first time. But don’t worry if your heart skips a beat; it’s worth it! You will get used to things popping out as you walk by.

More recently, while I was about to pay for my PSL in Starbucks’ drive-thru yesterday, I thought water droplets were little orbs flying out of my side window to attack me. I may never know when my 3D will kick in, but it makes life an adventure!

Water droplet orbs at Starbucks
Water droplet orbs at Starbucks

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