Entering the Matrix: Using at home VR glasses to see 3D

As I wait for Vivid Vision to release their at-home program, I tried using a cheap pair of View-Master Virtual Reality glasses that you can buy on Amazon.com for less than $20.00. Image of View Master VR glasses
When the glasses arrived, I tried to incorporate them in my night-time vision therapy routine. For my vision therapy, I first did the Brock string for about 5 minutes, followed by playing a few free amblyopia games on my computer while wearing red/green glasses for 10 minutes. I then used the new VR glasses with my iPhone 6 inside, playing some side-by-side videos on YouTube.

After playing several videos, I noticed I was seeing 3D, so I thought it would be fun to go buy a box of cereal. I took a stroll a couple of blocks up to Walgreens. Stepping into the brightly lit Walgreens was like entering the Matrix. I quickly darted up and down the aisles with precision. I also could accurately swing my head so only the very tip of my nose grazed the potato chip bags on the endcap. I continued to do this with other endcaps until I realized this is not so stealthy and an employee is staring. I went ahead and proceeded to the cereal aisle, purchased my box of cereal, and left the Matrix.

That Saturday, I had my weekly vision therapy appointment with Dr. Nate. I told him about my Matrix experience and with a little experimentation, Dr. Nate came up with taping red/green filters to my cell phone. This way, I can tell if I am using both eyes while wearing red/green glasses. Dr. Nate also drew the lines on the film, so I can tell if my eyes are lined up. I think that by using this, along with the usual Brock string and other exercises, I will be further on my way to seeing 3D more of the time!

My iPhone 6 with Red/Green filter taped on.
iPhone with red/green filter taped on.
I keep the back open while I watch the side by side videos so I do not have to remove my cellphone's protective case.
You can’t see them, but I am wearing red/green glasses and while I watch the side-by-side videos, I keep the back door open so I do not have to remove my cellphone’s protective case.

As usual, if there is something you would like for me to write about, or if you have a question about my vision therapy experience, please fill out my contact form.

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