Alert! Alert! All systems are go! Getting coffee with a friend while seeing 3D.

This past weekend, I went to my vision therapy appointment where I played Vivid Vision’s 3D software for about fifteen minutes.  Afterwards, my brain was a little bit fried, so I decided to have a pick-me-up.  I drove over to my friend’s house, and we went to grab a cup of coffee.

As soon as I opened the coffee shop’s door, bam! I knew this would be a new experience.  I could perceive the distance to the ceiling above, the floor below and the walls all around me.  I had no choice but to engage in the space.

Without the usual bumping into tables, shelves, or people, we cut our way directly to the counter.  There, we were greeted by the barista who also appeared in 3D.  The volume in his cheeks and creases in his forehead brought more meaning to all of his expressions.  I smiled as we ordered our lattes and sat down.

As I sat across from my friend, I could not believe all the visual stimuli that my brain was automatically processing.  I felt so engaged with him and the space around us.  In the past, I would have had a migraine from the overhead lights and my friend’s head would have been flipping back and forth as my eyes fought over which eye should look at my friend’s face.

Gif of dueling eyes by Betsy Yaros
Before vision therapy, my eyes would flip back and forth which made it hard to concentrate and chat with friends.

Gaining depth perception is peeling back a layer of ambiguity for me in social situations and is adding another level of human interaction.  I feel so fortunate to have this new ability to engage with others.

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image of Betsy Yaros Coffee Cup Signature

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